2001 X1

Well after 18 years, I finally went and got a new bike. I'd been leaning to the "naked" style bikes like the Ducati Monster, Buell, or Kawaskai ZRX. After much hemming and hawing and lots of test rides out at Vintage Days, I finally settled on the Buell X1. Knowing that Buells have their share of quirks I was a little apprehensive of maintenance problems and dealer support. Well so far she's let me down, aside from a rocker box leak, there really hasn't been any other problem than me getting to know what a Sportster motor is like.

getting smokey in here!

More Pictures
Deal's Gap 2002
Adding the White brothers E-Series exhaust
Spark Plug pics and FI problem description
Dyno Run @Jamestown Harley
An example of a useless Dyno Run from CycleStop


Rob Wheelies the X1 in January 05
Matt misses a shift
NEW Oz's High Res pics from the 20th Anniversary

TechnoResearch Software in Action

Injector Test
Fuel Pump Test
Status Display (bars)
Status Display (gauges)
Status Display (lines)